Danish West Indian and Guinean Personalia and Data

A card index by Kay Larsen, now online

Author: Jarle Aadna

Kay Larsen (19 December 1879 – 26 October 1947) was a Danish author who devoted much of his time to literary and historical work. In addition to literary works Kay Larsen also published a couple of papers on local history, including one on the history of Gentofte.

However, most of his authorship concerns the history of the former Danish tropical colonies. Apart from the papers on history he has also left an extensive handwritten material on Danish maritime history and Danish colonial history. There is an article on Kay Larsen in Danish Biographical Encyclopaedia, 3rd edition, which among other things mentions his studies in the Danish West Indies.  

On the 100 years’ anniversary for the cession of Danish West Indies to the USA, The Royal Library has digitised one of these card indexes, Dansk-vestindiske og –guineiske Personalia og Data or Danish West Indian and Guinean Personalia and Data (New Royal Collection 3240, 4°). The contents are arranged alphabetically and can be accessed by clicking on the box labels below (it may take a little time to load the files).

While working on the book Dansk Vestindien 1666-1917, (Copenhagen, 1928) Kay Larsen describes the card indexes thus:

This work has lasted a number of years, partly because the scope of the archive material is overwhelming, and partly because at the same time, I have drawn up Vestindiske Personalia og Data (West Indian Personalia and Data) and Dansk-ostindiske Personalia og Data (Danish East Indian Personalia and Data, both in Danish only), which are found in the Danish National Archives, and in the Royal Library. Thousands of details on outstanding persons, fortresses, plantations, institutions, ships are to be found in these collections – encyclopedic information supplementing my books on the colonies in the tropics. Vestindiske og guineiske Personalida og Data (West Indian and Guinean Personalia and data) will be accessible for the public at a later date for the public, in all probability in the same way as Dansk-ostindiske Personalia og Data (Danish East Indian Personalia and Data).


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