FAQ - Frequently Asked Question(s)

What materials can be requested for Special Collections Reading Room (West)?

In the reading room you can study materials from The Royal Danish Library - Copenhagen's collections, which are restricted to the premises.

For how long will the material be available?
Requested material must be used within 10 days of the notification informing you that the material is available. For future use you are required to visit the reading room no later than 10 days after your previous visit. If you exceed this limit the borrowed material will be returned to the depository.
How do you renew materials ordered for use in the reading room?
The users cannot renew these materials themselves. Thus no fee can be charged to these materials. If a book is recalled you have 10 days before the book must be returned.

What about the use of valuable or fragile printed works?
These may only be used at the designated tables and must be returned to the desk whenever the user leaves the reading room. Use of such materials may require a special (yellow) ID card. The card is issued by application.

How many volumes are you allowed at a time?
Users can request up to 10 volumes at a time. This rule does not apply to users who have a reserved desk, a study cell or a book trolley.

Are you allowed to make copies in the reading room?
There is a copy room connected to the reading room, where you can make copies within the opening hours of the reading room.

Can you take pictures with your own camera?
Taking pictures with your own camera for personal use must be approved by a member of the staff.