Loans for exhibitions

The  Royal Library lends items from its collections for exhibitions abroad if the physical condition of the material allows it to be exhibited. Furthermore, a series of requirements which deal with security, climatic conditions, transportation, insurance, and other matters must be met. These requirements are thoroughly explained in the document “Conditions regarding loans for exhibitions from The Royal Library”.

Items belonging to the Royal Library may normally be borrowed by libraries, archives, museums etc., for which public exhibitions are an integrated activity, who which suitable physical locations and a professional staff educated to deal with in a proper manner with the borrowed items. Lending of items to private persons does not take place.

Borrowing of items takes place only through direct agreement between the Royal Library and the institution responsible for the exhibition. Delegation of responsibility and management to a third party is not accepted.

When a request for a loan has been accepted, a contract is made between the Royal Library and the borrowing institution.

To obtain help in the identification or selection of materials, contact the department which holds that type of material.

Requests for specific loans should be addressed to:

Contact the library