Guidelines for DCM's music editions

To download DCM’s guidelines for music editions, see link below.

The guidelines are relatively comprehensive and describe DCM’s work on variety of distinct levels of which some – as for instance the description of internal working procedures – may only be of a  limited interest for the general public; however, others – in particular those concerning the editorial processes, that is, guidelines relevant for the content – are an important contribution to presenting DCM’s publications in a transparent way: they make it possible for users to learn about the principles on which any DCM music edition is based.

The guidelines include:

  • General considerations and recommendations concerning editorial principles
  • The organisation of DCM’s publications
  • Guidelines for the texts, including language and terminology
  • Editorial guidelines regarding the music notation
  • Typographical guidelines
  • Instructions of a more technical kind describing how the required outcome is to be achieved (e.g. the actual settings of the music notation program)

The general considerations, which serve as an introduction to DCM’s approach to critical music editing, are in English, all other sections are in Danish. The detailed guidelines are arranged according to subject so that editorial and typographical guidelines regarding a particular subject (e.g. beams) are placed together.

Because critical music editing is concerned with presenting the material of the past to our present, such guidelines are of course a manifestation of their own time. It is therefore DCM’s view that the guidelines cannot be static but indeed must reflect new philological insights. Furthermore, the practical organisation of the work and specific working procedures are changing due to the development of new methods of production, for instance. Thus it is not a final, finished document but – as it will appear en route – a document which needs revision at regular intervals. Older versions will be available on this web page so that any DCM edition may be compared with those guidelines in force at the time of publication.

Current version 

Version 1.0: November 2013 (PDF, 1,5 MB)