Carl Nielsen's Wind Quintet Op. 43 (CNW 70) – Facsimile Edition

Carl Nielsen's well-known wind quintet has frequently raised questions among performers due to a number of discrepancies in the sources. These discrepancies have treated differently in a number of editions follwing the first edition of 1923.

Despite the fact that the critical edition of the work in the Carl Nielsen Edition (2003) presents the quintet in a thoroughly revised and well-documented version, numerous musicians have been desirous to gain more insight into the work's genesis as reflected by the sources.

The facsimile edition presents all contemporary sources to the quintet along with an introduction explaining the work's genesis and each of the sources' importance and place in its transmission.


Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn and Bassoon, Opus 43 (CNW 70). Facsimile Edition

Selected Sources for Carl Nielsen’s Works, Vol. 2

Edited by Niels Krabbe
Published by DCM 2016


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