Paul von Klenau: Symphony no. 9

Paul von Klenau

The Ninth Symphony from 1945 is Paul von Klenau’s last comprehensive work. Until recently hardly anyone knew about its existence. The score for full symphony orchestra, choir and soloists was found among Klenau’s manuscripts in Vienna in 2005 and later bought by The Royal Library.

The work was performed for the first time in March 2014 – almost 70 years after Klenau's death. The first performance, based on the score and parts provided by DCM, took place at the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation's concert house on 20 March 2014. A recording of the concert is available at DR's web site.

Sponsors: Toyota-Fonden and Knud og Dagny Gad Andresens Fond

Corrections to the printed edition:

Page xiii, col. 2: instead of "Torsdagskoncerten 19. februar 1942", read "Torsdagskoncerten 5. november 1942" (corrected in PDF version January 2017)
Page xxiii, col. 2:  instead of "the concert on 19 February 1942", read "the concert on 5 November 1942" (corrected in PDF version January 2017)


Paul von Klenau: Symphony No. 9Klenau: 9. Symfoni

Edited by Niels Bo Foltmann, Axel Teich Geertinger, Peter Hauge, Niels Krabbe and Bjarke Moe
Published by DCM 2014



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Orchestral parts

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30 parts: fl.1, fl.2, fl.picc., ob.1, ob.2, cl.1, cl.2, fg.1, fg.2, cfg., cor.1, cor.2, cor.3, cor.4, tr.1, tr.2, tr.3, tr.4, trb.a., trb.t.1, trb.t.2, trb.b., tb., timp., perc., vl.1, vl.2, va., vc., cb. 
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Vocal score

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