Peter Heise: Drot og Marsk (King and Marshal)

Peter Heise

Peter Heise’s opera of 1878 King and Marshal is regarded as one of the most important Danish operas from the 19th century. Until now the work has been almost unknown outside Denmark, probably mainly because of the state of the performance material and the language barrier. The opera can, however, hold its own among other 19th-century operas both musically and dramatically.

The relevant source material, held by The Royal Library, Copenhagen, consists of Heise’s draft, his fair copy and the original material from the first performance at The Royal Theatre. Also the genesis of the text may be traced by studying the sources in the library.

In collaboration with Edition S, DCM has published a critical edition of the opera not least aiming at an international audience. The printed full score and piano score are available at Edition·S. The full score may also be downloaded below.

The publication of King and Marshal was celebrated 5 April 2013 in the Queen's Hall at The Royal Library (see photos from the event here).

Drot og Marsk

Score and vocal score

Edited by Niels Bo Foltmann, Peter Hauge, Niels Krabbe and Axel Teich Geertinger
Published 2013 by DCM in collaboration with Edition·S 


Publ. no. DCM 012 (vol.1) & DCM 013 (vol. 2)

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Vocal score

Vocal score by Per Salo.
Publ. no. DCM 015

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