MerMEId – Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI Data

In connection with the preparation of a thematic catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW), DCM has developed a system for the editing and handling of music metadata, based on the the MEI (Music Encoding Initiative) XML schema. The system, which has been named Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI Data (MerMEId), serves as an authoring tool for thematic catalogues, as a database holding work- and source-related information during the preparation of scholarly editions of music, and provides the output for thematic catalogues both online and in print.

Apart from the Nielsen catalogue, DCM has also published thematic catalogues of the works of J. P. E. Hartmann and J. A. Scheibe.

MerMEId screenshot - Click to enlarge
Screenshot from the MerMEId editor

Some examples of the metadata recognized and recorded by the MerMEId editor:

  • General work data: Titles in various languages; identifiers like opus and other catalogue numbers; persons involved such as composer, arranger, text author, and dedicatee; text blocks for general work description and creation history.
  • Source metadata including type of source, publication and library data, provenance, physical description, and list of hands; text blocks for further description.
  • Musical structure and metadata such as instrumentation and main key; at movement level: title, tempo, metre, key, text incipit, and links to music incipit files. Incipits encoded in MEI can be uploaded and included.
  • Performance data: date, place, artists, and reviews.
  • Bibliography: references to primary and secondary texts.
  • Links to external resources such as facsimiles and edited scores, bibliography items in full text, and library records.

The metadata are edited independently of any encoded music that also may be contained in the files.

Please note that the demo installation formerly available online is currently out of service due to changes in the library's server environment.


Geertinger, Axel Teich & Pugin, Laurent: MEI for bridging the gap between music cataloguing and digital critical edition. Die Tonkunst 5/3 (July 2011), pp. 289-294


Source code

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Demo installation

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Frequently asked questions

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Online catalogues generated with MerMEId

Catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW)

J. A. Scheibe: A Catalogue of His Works (SchW)

J. P. E. Hartmann: Thematic-Bibliographic Catalogue of His Works (HartW)