Carl Nielsen Studies

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In the course of the past decades, the considerable international standing of Carl Nielsen's music among concert organisers and CD producers has been accompanied by a growing musicological preoccupation with his life and work beyond even the borders of Denmark. Recent years have brought a series of scholarly contributions from Danish as well as non-Danish musicologists, which have cast new light on Nielsen's music, shifting attention away from national preoccupations and setting the composer in a wider European context.

A series of crucial initiatives have been seized, bringing to light and making accessible the collected source material for Nielsen's life and work. A complete critical-scholarly edition of the music in 33 volumes, an edition of Nielsen's writings (articles, essays, newspapers interviews etc.) and a complete annotated edition of the composer's letters have now been published (the letters edition's final volumes are due out soon).

Against this background the idea of the establishment of an English-language periodical with the title Carl Nielsen Studies was proposed at a symposium held in Birmingham in November 2001 entitled Discover Denmark. An editorial committee was formed with English and Danish members, chaired by Niels Krabbe, together with an international Honorary Board.  Five volumes were published during the years 2003-2012, all of which are available on the internet in full text. All five volumes are also available for purchase at The Royal Library's Web Shop for readers from Scandinavia. Distribution outside Scandinavia: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

The periodical has been discontinued.

Carl Nielsen Bibliography

Carl Nielsen Studies included a Carl Nielsen Bibliography, covering the period from 1985 to 2011. An accumulated version of this is available online - click here.