The University Library

In 1989 the 1st Department of the University Library, i.e. humanities, law, and theology, was merged with the Royal Library. In 2006 a merger with the Danish National Library for Science and Medicine (the 2nd Department of the University Library) took place.

The collections of the University Library go back to 1482, three years after the foundation of the University of Copenhagen in 1479. Almost all of the c. 35,000 books in the University Library were consumed by flames during the fire of Copenhagen in 1728.

In the years that followed, strong efforts were made to re-build the Library, and today the collections of the University Library hold many great rarities, among them the only complete copy of the book that, as far as we know, was the first one to be printed in Danish, The Danish Rhymed Chronicle (Den Danske Rimkrønike), from 1495.