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Treasures in the Royal Library
A number of the greatest treasures in the Royal Library  manuscripts, books, scores, maps, book bindings, pictures, photos

From Dust to Gold
News, novels, broadsheets, handbooks, schoolbooks etc. from the 16th to the 18th century. At the time they were not considered worth saving, so today they are great rarities (in Danish)  

From the natural history collections
Pictures from the many works of natural history in the Royal Library (in Danish)  

Royal Identification Marks
Identification marks on books in the Royal Library  shelf marks, owners' marks, etc.

Danish bookbindings in the Royal Library
Danish bookbindings from the middle ages to the twentieth century. With short biographies of prominent Danish bookbinders (in Danish)

Ernst Anders Rasmussen  Bookbindings 1985-2009
Exhibition of former bookbinder at the Royal Library Ernst Anders Rasmussen's works (in Danish)

Threats and Thefts
Unesco's Memory of the World programme and the many dangers that threaten the written heritage of the world. Among the events highlighted in the exhibition are the fire of the University Library of Copenhagen in 1728 and the large-scale book theft from the Royal Library in the 1970s (in Danish)

Works bought by the Jurisch Foundation
The purpose of the Jurisch Foundation is to enable the Royal Library to acquire – in the words of the deed of the Foundation – "works which would not otherwise be obtainable, especially ... manuscripts, incunabula, and rare books". This exhibition shows some of the items bought by the Foundation over the years (in Danish)

Andreas Friis' paintings of famous scientists in the Copenhagen University Library North
In the years 1939-1944 the artist Andreas Friis decorated the reading room in the new University Library in Nørre Allé in Copenhagen (in Danish)



History of Science

Fabulous animals
Fabulous animals in the old books of the natural history collections (in Danish)

Stellar atlasses and constellations (in Danish) 

400 years of astronomy
History of Danish astronomy since the 16th century (in Danish)

Flora Danica online
Simon Paulli's Flora Danica 1648  Flora Danica 1761ff  the porcelain set 

History of medicine
Chapters of the history of medicine in Denmark. From the collection in the Royal Library and Medical Museion (in Danish)

Vesalius' Anatomy 1543
Pictures from Vesalius' famous anatomical work De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (Basel 1543) (in Danish)


Ernst Anders Rasmussen  Bookbindings 1985-2009
Exhibition of former bookbinder at the Royal Library Ernst Anders Rasmussen's works (in Danish)