Study areas and lockers

Study areas

Lockers for students at the University of Copenhagen
Students at the University of Copenhagen can reserve and use a locker at the library. If you are writing your thesis (candidat) you can borrow a locker for up to 6 months. If you are a student at a different level, you can borrow a locker for up to 2 months.

Reserve a locker (skab) at your faculty library

You can freely use the many study areas that the library provides for researchers and students at the following locations:

The Black Diamond: Reading Room East has a study area with 142 seats. Reading Room North has 99 study desks. There are also study areas in Reading Room E/F West, The Research Reading Room-West and in the Information Room.

Copenhagen University Library, South Campus provides a total of  462 seats distributed between silent study areas (103 seats), group study areas including 2 study rooms (224 seats), 22 master’s thesis seats, 25 PC workstations and 88 seats in our lounge areas. The silent study areas are located on the 2nd floor, together with the master’s thesis seats. It is possible to book a master’s thesis seat for up to 6 months, read more.

Copenhagen University Library - KUB NORD  provides a total of  489 seats distributed between silent study areas (220 seats), group study areas (141 seats), 27 PC workstations and 68 seats in our lounge areas. The silent study areas are located in the old reading room and in two modern reading rooms in the lower area of the library. Group study areas are located in the large room with murals as well as in both floors of the open stacks. 
Read more

The Faculty Library of Social Sciences provides study areas totalling 272 seats, including silent areas, IT-free zones, group study rooms and lounge areas. The institutes at the Faculty of Social Sciences also provide study areas for their students Read more .

Copenhagen University Library - Frederiksberg provides study areas for 300 people, approximately half of these can be used for group study if needed. There are 15 seats in the silent study area and 24 seats can be used as a silent study area when no classes are being held. There are 33 PC work stations. Read about lockers and how to order a locker

  • Reserve a thesis locker (specialeskab) at your faculty library
  • Enter your last date of interest
  • If a locker is available, you can use it from the next day after 2 pm. Contact the lending desk at the library where the locker is located. You need to pick up the key to the locker within 8 calendar days after receiving a message telling you that a locker is available for you.
  • If all of our lockers are lent out you will receive a message by email when one is available for you. Your reservation puts you in a joint waiting list for all of the lockers available at that address, not just the specific locker you have selected. This reduces waiting times. 
  • Remember to bring your KU student ID. 

The library assumes no responsibility for items stored in the lockers.

The library reserves the right to control lockers that have been lent out at our discretion.
You will be charged an adminstration fee of DKK 350 if you lose your key or do not return it at the end of your lending period. There are "morning-to-evening" wardrobe lockers at all locations.