Research and cultural institutions

In order to service researchers at research and cultural institutions (archives, museums, public sector research institutions, research centres etc.) in the best possible way we offer a special arrangement that enables the researcher to use the ordered item at his or her place of work. This arrangement implies a number of advantages:

  • Long loan period
  • Postal packet option or collection by yourself in The Black Diamond
  • Exemption from paying a fee on the first recall

There is a similar arrangement for employees with University of Copenhagen, the “Special UCPH lending arrangement available to employees with University of Copenhagen”.

Research loans apply to two categories of users at the research and cultural institutions:

Loans for research and cultural institutions / libraries
Individual institutions / institutional libraries can register as users on a special form which the head of the institution signs. You must state the Commercial Register number (SE-nummer). When registering you also have to inform us of security conditions as to fire safe box and strong room for safekeeping the delivered material. The head can assign a special contact person. The institutions will be liable for the loans in question and they are liable to pay damages.

Loans for personal users at research and cultural institutions who do not have their own library
Employees with institutions without their own library can register individually as users on a special form that the head of the institution has to sign too. You have to state the central national register number – CPR number – and status of employment and possible limitations in time as to employment with the institution. Your liability for damages ranks alongside with that of loans to private persons.

Information on reservation and loan

A precondition for becoming affiliated with the arrangement is that the concerned researcher’s institution concludes an agreement with Royal Danish Library on books borrowed in accordance with the agreement be returned either by post (in some cases registered according to Royal Danish Library’s instructions), or by the institution itself in The Black Diamond.

In case you want to use this Research arrangement, you must fill in this registration form (choose Other type of user and Researcher)