Information on how to request and borrow items

You request items or photocopies in the catalogue.

When you request items in the catalogue, you type the 6-digit number in the field “CPR or 6-digit User ID”, and the password of your own choice in the field “Password”.

If you cannot request the item directly in the catalogue, or if you want it from another library, you must use the online order form “Can’t find what you’re looking for?” in the catalogue.

We deliver the requested item in accordance with the current time of delivery. Books that have not yet received a barcode must be registered in the catalogue before lending. Please expect a somewhat long processing time if you place a combined request for a major number of items.

You can request items that are on loan to another user. An item can be recalled from another user, when it has been out on loan for 1 month. The item will be forwarded when it has been returned from a user.

Delivery takes place by post unless otherwise agreed with Fjernlånet (mail:

Please notice that The Royal Danish Library passes information on mail/telephone on to PostNord in accordance with PostNord’s terms of business on personal data.

Please forward other questions regarding research loans to Fjernlånet.

Use and safekeeping
In case the delivered item bears marks of damages noticeable at sight, the user should inform the library of this. Please keep the borrowed item safe and handle it with care. Breakage entails liability for damages. We view underlining, notes, bending of pages, et cetera as breakages that entail liability for damages.

You may not hand items borrowed from us over to other users, and you may not take the items out of Denmark.

The contents of the borrowed item may be legally protected, for instance by copyright. Use contrary to this can be punishable and entail liability for damages.

Loan period
The privileged loan period is 1 month. However, the loan period is only 14 days, if somebody has requested the item at the time of loan. Recall takes place only after a year, if nobody requests the item.

At the expiry of the loan period a free recall notice will be forwarded. If you cannot keep the deadline, we forward reminders, and fees will be charged. If you want to renew the loan, you must do this in the catalogue using the tab called “My library card”. The maximum loan period is 2 years.

If the employee is out of town or absent in other ways, he or she must ensure access to the items borrowed so that recalls can be complied.