Interlibrary Loan - Lending Services to Other Libraries

The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library & Information Services lending policies for loans to libraries outside Denmark generally follow the procedures set out in the IFLA Principles and Guidelines for International Lending.

The library lends materials to libraries in all countries for a loan period of 42 days. Renewals will be granted for another 30 days if the material is not needed by another user. All interlibrary loan transactions, including requests for photocopies, are conducted library to library.

The following types of materials are available through interlibrary loan:

  • Books
  • Dissertations
  • Photocopies of journal articles
  • Some audio-visual materials
  • Paper copies from microfiche collections

We accept requests by mail, e-mail, phone, OCLC and DanBib. You may also request directly from our online catalogue Rex. To check on material availability also please search our online catalogue

We only charge libraries that charge us. If you request from us using OCLC and participate in IFM, we charge US$12.00 IFM for article copies and US$25.00 IFM for loans. We also accept IFLA Vouchers. Please send 1 full IFLA Voucher per article copy and 2 full IFLA Vouchers per loan.

For photocopy requests received through other channels than OCLC Resource Sharing our charges are:

Paper to paper: DKK 100.00 up to 10 pages. For every additional 10 pages: DKK 100.00
Microfiche or microfilm to paper: DKK 150.00 up to 10 pages. For every additional 10 pages: DKK 150.00. Please ask for price estimate for other copy services.

If you need an invoice there will be a surcharge of US$15.00.

As of 1st January 2017 we are unable to accept payment by cheque. If you send us a cheque  we will have to return it to you as it cannot be cashed in a Danish bank. Please use bank transfer instead.

We encourage reciprocal agreements.

Charges may be waived for requests from libraries in developing countries without the ability to pay.

For international shipments we use Priority Mail (Air Mail) from the Danish Postal Service.

Material Not Loaned:
The library staff has the authority to determine, on a case by case basis, items which are not suitable for interlibrary loan. These decisions are generally based on an item's physical condition. We do not loan complete periodical issues, reference books, rare items, and audio-visual material which for copyright reasons cannot leave the library.

Contact Information:
Head of Interlibrary Lending: Poul Erlandsen:  
Phone: +45 33 47 44 44
Fax: +45 33 47 47 22
E-mail: (may also be used for sending requests)
Mailing address: The Royal Library, Interlibrary Lending, PO Box 2149, DK-1016 Copenhagen K

Any problems, special needs, etc. regarding ILL and document delivery will be handled by contacting the department staff (see contact information above).