Rules for the lending scheme for employees at Roskilde University

Part 1. Registering as a user of Roskilde University Library and The Royal Danish Library
RUC employees register by completing an online registration form on

In order to get remote access to e-resources, the employee must state their RUC user name upon registration (the text string before @ in the RUC mail).
The library system will then send an e-mail to the employee’s RUC e-mail. A click on a link verifies that the user in question is employed by RUC, and also provide remote access to electronic resources.

Part 2. Use of materials at Roskilde University Library and The Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen
Employees can request materials for collection at Roskilde University Library or at one of the Royal Danish Library’s collection points.

You can order reading room-restricted materials from Roskilde University Library for use in the reading room at Roskilde University Library, while reading room-restricted materials from The Royal Danish Library can be ordered for use in Reading Room West in the Black Diamond.

Part 3. Loan period
The guaranteed period of loan is 1 month for materials for circulation, but only 14 days if the material is reserved at the time of loan.
Circulating materials will only be recalled after a year from employees, unless other users reserve them. We will recall the material if other users have reserved it.
Employees can renew the loans in the catalogue for up to 3 years from the date of issue. Then they must return the material for control and may borrow it again.

Part 4. Recalls and suspension
When the loan period expires, we send a recall by e-mail. If you do not observe the deadline, we forward the first, second and third reminder by e-mail. We do not charge you any fees for these reminders.

The right to borrow can be suspended if you do not return the material after the third reminder. You will not be able to renew loans or order more materials. The lending right is always recovered automatically when recalled material is returned.

Part 5. Liability to pay damages
The employee is always personally liable for the loan from the time it was lent and until it is returned in the charging system of the library. 

Part 5.2 If you retrieve an already replaced book we reimburse the compensation less the administrative fee.

Part 6. Loans from other libraries
If we do not have, or do not have access to a material in Roskilde University Library or in The Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen, we can obtain (or photocopy) it as an interlibrary loan.
Orders must be placed through the form “Can’t find what you’re looking for?” in the catalogue.

Part 6.2 You do not pay fees for loans from abroad, or for copies of journals acquired abroad. You pay as per account rendered for copies of entire publications. Normally, the loan period for materials acquired from Denmark will be two months. The loan period for materials acquired from abroad is, however, usually one month. We do not, as a rule, renew the loans. Returns do not differ from other loans.

The lending library sets the amount in damages in case of a loss.

Part 7. Ordering copies of materials from The Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen
We deliver copies of articles from journals free of charge, either physically or as PDF files. We deliver PDF files of articles printed before the year 1900 or articles (max. 35 pp) from current scientific journals that we can deliver as per the CopyDan arrangement.

We deliver copies from printed books according to Danish copyright legislation in accordance with the current price sheet.

Svend Larsen
Chief Executive

24 February 2017
(Revised 17.10.2017)