Regulations for the use, including loans, of the collections belonging to the Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen

Part 1
These regulations concern The Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen (the National Library in Copenhagen, Copenhagen University Library, and Roskilde University Library). The Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen is a public library whose collections and facilities in general are available for anybody who observe the current regulations and follow directions given by the library staff.

Special rules apply to the department libraries. Please see the websites of the libraries for more information.

Part 2
The borrower must register as a user in order to make loans, or reading room loans, and to use electronic resources. Valid library cards are: the Danish health insurance card, the identity card for the reading room, and, in special cases, the student identity card for UCPH or RUC (in the following referred to as the library card).

The library refers to the current regulations for other forms of loan and use.

Part 3. Terms of registration
Applicants can register as private cardholders with borrowing rights via the online registration form in the REX catalogue obliging the applicant to observe current library regulations. It is a condition for registration that the applicant has a valid email address.

Please see part 10 below for the cardholder’s liability for damages.

Part 3.2
The applicant must have full legal capacity and have permanent residence in Denmark or Greenland, or be a Danish citizen with permanent residence in southern Sweden. The applicant must prove his or her identity with valid documents provided with his or her central national register number (the CPR number).

Foreign guest researchers and students with UCPH and RUC who do not possess a health insurance card can on showing their passports or other proof of identity use their study or ID card for University of Copenhagen/Roskilde University as library card.

Part 3.3
The library can issue a reading room borrower’s card granting access to borrow books and other materials for use in Reading Room West in the Diamond to persons of legal age without a Danish CPR number.

Part 3.4
16-17-year-old users of Roskilde University Library can register with the library through a special form and order materials for loan from Roskilde University Library for pick up there.

Part 3.5
Persons lacking legal capacity and persons without permanent residence in Denmark who have the required ID and who can prove that they have a residence permit may apply for access to loan, provided they can furnish a deposit, or provide a guarantor approvable by the library.

Part 3.6
At any time, the library can demand a deposit or guarantee, also by already registered borrowers, if deemed necessary in order to secure the safe return of any borrowed item.

Part 3.7
Normally you sign a deed of indemnity on application in person. The guarantor is personally liable for any item borrowed this way. The library does not accept library staff as guarantors. You must notify the library of any changes to a guarantor’s address. The library can request the deed of indemnity renewed every 3 years.

Part 3.8
In special cases, the loan rights can be limited in time and/or for the allowed number of concurrently borrowed items.

Part 4. The library card
Regardless of what kind of card you have, the library card is personal. If you entrust the library card to someone else, you are as the person whose name appears from the card responsible for its use.

Part 4.2
In case somebody steals the library card, or it is lost, the borrower is responsible for its possible abuse until the borrower has duly notified the library.

Part 4.3
The library card gives access to loans from the library’s collections according to guidelines in force at any time. Certain parts of the collections are not available for loan, or can be subject to special limitations to their use.

Part 4.4
We send recall notices, notices about pickup, and service announcements by email only. We send other written communication from the library to the borrower’s officially registered address, or by email. The borrower is also liable for loans recalled unsuccessfully owing to a wrong address. Communication to borrowers with a library card for the reading room is sent by email or post to the address given at the time of registration as a user.

The validity of the email address registered in the library system and to which the library sends messages is the responsibility of the user. You change personal details in the REX catalogue.

Part 4.5
You must always bring the library card to the library if you have a query concerning lending.

Part 5. Pick-up. Loan period. Use and storage
As a borrower you see in REX borrowed and reserved materials, and this is also where you see outstanding claims.

Part 5.2
When you check out an item, you generate a loan receipt with the due date. This receipt serves as the first recall notice.

Part 5.3
The loan period is normally 1 month. However, the loan period is only 14 days if another borrower requests the item in question at the time of the loan, and likewise, specific items can be subject to special loan rules. You must return all loaned items before the due date without prior reminders from us. Usually, you can renew a loan online to a maximum period of 6 months unless another borrower has requested the item in question. Special rules apply to Reading Room West. Please ask there for information.

Part 5.4
The library sends a reminder about an impending end of the loan period as an extra service. We send these reminders to borrowers who have stated an email address. You must as a library user keep an eye on the date of return as we do not exempt you from paying a fine on an overdue item even though you may not have received a reminder. Date of delivery appears from both the loan receipt, and REX.

Part 5.5
If the borrower receives a damaged item, he or she should insist upon having this noted in the library system.

Part 5.6
You must handle borrowed items with care and store them safely. Any damage to borrowed items will result in liability to pay damages. The definition of damage includes underlining, insertions, the folding of pages etc.; see Part 10.

Part 5.7
You may not pass borrowed items on to other persons, and you can only use them in Denmark and the Oresund region.

Part 5.8
The content of a borrowed item may be protected by law – e.g. by copyright law. In case of abuse, the borrower is liable to criminal prosecution and/or compensation payment.

Part 5.9
Items obtained from Danish or foreign libraries are subject to the terms of use described in this document as well as the terms of use and limitations of the supplying library.

Part 5.10
The library reserves the right to control lockers that we have lent out at our discretion.

Part 6. Return of borrowed items
A user is liable for material borrowed from the Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen, until the library has received it and the library has recorded the delivery in the common charging system of the libraries. Only receipts generated by this library system, or receipts issued manually at one of the libraries, have legal effect.

Delivery at other libraries outside the Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen, will be at your own risk.

At any time, the library can recall an item for official use.

Part 6.2
In case you return a borrowed item by post it must be sent by registered post and in secure packaging approved by the postal service. The borrower is responsible for the borrowed item until it has been returned and cleared from the library system.

If an item is returned by post a receipt is sent only if requested specifically by the borrower, and only if an adequate note with a clearly legible name and address has been supplied.

Part 6.3
If you do not return a borrowed item by the due date, you must as the borrower pay a compensation charge in accordance with the current rates.

Part 6.4
If the user claims to have delivered a borrowed item he/she must produce a receipt for delivery as a receipt always is issued on return by the issue desk, or when using the automatic self-service machines as a mailed or physical receipt.

Part 7. Deregistration as borrower
At any time, you can request to discontinue your status as a user either on application in person at one of the library’s issue desks, or by contacting Kontakt biblioteket.

However, you can only do this once you have returned all borrowed items.

Part 8. Assertion of library property
The library preserves its ownership of lent items that have been either lost or damaged, or items that have not been returned even if compensation has been paid. In case a lost item is retrieved at a later point, it must be returned to the library. Based on the circumstances of its return, the library decides if the compensation charge covering the price of the book will be refunded even if the lost item has already been replaced and/or the user has already paid damages. The library will only review the case if this is specifically requested by the borrower.

Part 8.2
If a borrower does not return a borrowed item after repeated recall notices, the library may choose to collect it from the borrower’s home and charge accordingly, turn the case over to the bailiff, or initiate a lawsuit.

Part 9. Liability and fees

Fees for overdue return of books.

The borrower is liable for all borrowed items regardless of the circumstances.

Part 9.2
In case an identical replacement copy for a lost item is procured by the library, the borrower will be charged for the replacement cost. Additionally, we charge an administrative fee of DKK 150.00 for claiming the compensation. This amount is for each invoice that we send.

In case a lost item is later retrieved by the borrower a credit note will be send. This credit note will only cover the replacement cost of the lost item itself. The library does not reimburse other additional costs with regard to the lost item.

Part 9.3
Regarding damaged items, the library alone determines if the item in question should be repaired or replaced based on an assessment of the nature and extent of the damage. In case an item is sent to repair, the library may charge the borrower for the cost of the repairs, including an administrative charge, and a charge for a possible reduction in value.

Part 9.4
The borrower is liable for all losses and expenses incurred by the library as a result of the borrower’s violation of the library rules and regulations, including labour costs, transportation, debt collection, legal assistance, and court fees.

Part 9.5
Fees and a number of other charges appear from the current appendix to these regulations. Borrowers are obliged to acquaint themselves with the appendix with the fee rates. We announce changes to the library fines and charges at a notice of no less than a month both publicly in writing at the library and on

Part 9.6
If you do not pay the amount owing, the library may hand over the charge to a debt collection firm.

Part 10. Suspension
As long as a violation of the library regulations persists despite several communications, the library is entitled to suspend the borrower’s access to loans.

Part 10.2
Access to order or borrow items can be limited or blocked if the user violates the regulations. Suspension also applies if the user repeatedly neglects to collect ordered items.

Part 10.3
If the borrower does not return a borrowed item after multiple recall notices, or returns an item in damaged condition, the library may suspend the user’s borrowing rights. Additionally, the library may suspend the user’s permission to borrow items if the borrower has a library fine of DKK 200.00 or more.

Part 10.4
The library lifts the suspension of the rights to borrow items once the user returns all recalled items, or the user pays all fines.

Part 11. Liability of the library
The service declarations of the individual library branches establish the quality level and service targets the user can expect from the libraries and their staffs. Please see the websites for the individual branch libraries for further information.

Part 12. Special conditions regarding the use of the reading room of the Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen
Part 12.1 Reading room identity card for use of precious items

The use of precious and rare items in Reading Room West in the Diamond also requires that registered users have a special picture ID-card they show before the library hands them the material for use in the reading room. In itself, the ID-card does not grant access to precious and rare items, but the ID-card is a prerequisite for the library to process requests for items with restricted access.

Part 12.2
In order to obtain an ID-card the user must complete an application form in Reading Room West. The borrower must bring identification.

Part 12.3
When you as a user leave Reading Room West, you must on your own accord display all items that you want to bring out with you, so the reading room guard can look through it all, including private material. For more information, please see the regulations for Reading Room West.

Part 12.4
The reading rooms are reserved for users of the library. Tourists, other visitors, and persons under the age of 18 have no access.

Part 13. Searches
In pursuance of the Danish Act on certain measures to prevent thefts from the Royal Danish Library (Lov om visse foranstaltninger imod tyveri fra det kgl. bibliotek) (Act No. 246 of 8 June 1978 as amended), a search system has been established at the library.

Part 14. Complaints
You must direct complaints about the use of the collections of Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen to the head of the institution with recourse to the Ministry of Culture Denmark.

Part 15
The Ministry of Culture has issued this set of regulations. It is valid from 27 February 2017. This also repeals the “Library regulations for the use of, including home loan from, the collections of The Royal Library and other libraries under the Copenhagen University Library” of 1 November 1989.

Svend Larsen


24 February 2017

Revised 29 January 2018