New retrieval system at the University Library

On 19 November the University Library will get a new retrieval system.
See what that means to you.

This implies that:
  • You will have a new user interface to search in and brand new search options
  • You will have an opportunity for searching all of the physical collections of 5 universities in Denmark
Before we set the new system in operation we must close down some services. Please notice the following important dates:

Important dates:

Loans from other libraries
We cut off the opportunity for loaning books from other libraries through us. Please, if you need materials this library does not possess you use your public library.

Closure of the library system
From Thursday 14 November at 6 pm up to and including 18 November you cannot borrow, order, renew, or hand in books. However, you can still use the library’s study environments, search for materials, get access to read and utilize digital books and articles.

Retrieving digital books and articles
Throughout the period you can still search for materials and get access to read and utilize digital books and articles.
Your loans and requests
All your loans and requests will be transferred to the new retrieval system.

The new library system will take off on 19 November.