- wireless net for students and staff at the University of Copenhagen

What do you do?

  • Choose "Eduroam" as wireless network 
  • enter your university mail ( and the corresponding password.

Coverage at the Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library

  • The Faculty Library of Humanities - 100 % eduroam-coverage,
  • The Faculty Library of Natural and Health Sciences - 100 % eduroam-coverage,
  • The Faculty Library of Social Sciences - 100 % eduroam-coverage,
  • Copenhagen University Library - The Black Diamond - 100 % eduroam-coverage.

Security of the eduroam-connection

When you are accepted as a user via eduroam, your wireless net connection is encrypted. Others cannot
'listen in' and check what you do. This is the case for all trafic sent via the wireless network, as long as you are
logged on.

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is a cooperation between a group of European universities and educational institutions
which provides wireless network for all – both staff and students - at the universities which participate in the project.

The goal is that it should be possible to hook-up to the net, when you are within the cooperating universities.