Web communication policy for www.kb.dk

Tasks and Vision
The Royal Library makes its collections available for research and higher education, administers the national cultural heritage, disseminates knowledge and experiences, and carries on research within the tasks, functions, subjects and collections of the library.
Since the Royal Library’s vision is to be a national force in the development of Danish culture and knowledge, and to provide relevant, quick and easy access to information and the cultural heritage, the goals and vision of the library must be reflected in its external web communication. Web communication must strengthen and develop the Royal Library’s positive image in the eyes of the Danes.

Strategy and policies
The Royal Library’s web must in structure, organization and interface be oriented toward the needs of its users, and their experience of good service. This is achieved by active response to the results of user studies in the design of the Royal Library’s web. The Royal Library’s strategic goals should be fulfilled by continued intensive employment of the possibilities of information technology to ease users’ access to the collections and promote exploitation of the potential of the collections.

The Royal Library’s web is understood as the primary site ( www.kb.dk ), its newsletters, REX, other databases, sponsor sites and project sites, whether these are run by the Royal Library alone, or in cooperation with others. 

Strategy and responsibility
The primary responsibility for content and interface of the Royal Library’s web is placed in the Web section of the Digitial Infrastructure and Service Department. This section both implements and maintains the Royal Library’s web communication strategy, which indicates rules and procedures for working with the Royal Library’s web.

The Web section has responsibility for assuring development of web communication, both external and internal, and for coordinating the external web communication of the library departments. The Web section is responsible for ensuring that the web communication policy is carried out. 

Web communication strategy for www.kb.dk
Concrete strategies to attain the political goals described under the web communication policy:

  • The Royal Library provides easy access to all core services seven days a week, 24 hours a day (except REX during the early hours of Sunday).
  • The Royal Library targets information to the relevant groups of users.
    Above and beyond access to information, the Royal Library also offers its users electronic access to relevant news, and – from its many-faceted collections (maps, pictures, manuscripts etc.) – access to cultural experiences via the Internet.
  • Focus on dialogue with users through ”Contact KB” service available on all standard web pages.
  • The Royal Library emphasizes self-service and help to self-help on its web.
  • The Royal Library exploits feedback from users and incorporates it in the design of the website, in part through brief ad hoc user tests, in part through full-scale usability testing.
  • The Royal Library continually develops its website via analysis of email-based reference questions, in particular the FAQ pages.
    Analysis of log information is used in the structuring and editing of the website.
  • The Royal Library cooperates with other similar institutions to increase exchange of knowledge and experience and seek common solutions for problems of a structural nature.