Legal Deposit

A Legal Deposit law, which allows for the harvesting of the Internet, was passed by the Danish parliament on December 16, 2004 and went into effect July 1, 2005. English translation (unauthorized)


The new act covers "materials made public" (offentliggjort materiale) by which is meant

  1. Works published in physical form
    This section, which is identical to the previous law, covers works published in physical form, regardless of medium.
  2. Materials made public via electronic communication network
    This section allows for the harvesting of materials made public on Danish Internet domains and materials aimed at a Danish audience and made public on non-Danish Internet domains.
  3. Radio and television programmes
    This section, which is new to Legal Deposit in Denmark, allows for the recording of Danish radio and television programmes broadcast by Danish radio and television broadcasting companies or programmes aimed at a Danish audience broadcast by companies domiciled outside Denmark.
  4. Films produced with view to public showing
    This section, which was formerly part of the Film Act, covers films, defined as Danish according to the Film Act. More information from The Danish Film Institute.

Specifically on materials made available to the public via electronic network

By electronic network is meant all forms of wired and wireless electronic communication infrastructures. The Ministry of Culture will, however, exempt materials made public by being transmitted through wireless telecommunication for the time being.

The strategy for the harvesting of materials on the Internet consists of three types of harvesting methods:

  • snapshots (one complete and three incremental harvests of relevant domains per year)
  • selective (80-100 selected websites will be harvested more frequently)
  • event-based (2-3 events harvested annually)

For more details see

Suggestions for websites to be selected for frequent harvesting are

  • websites for news media aimed at the Danish public, such as nationwide newspapers, major radio- and television companies, the Danish parliament (Folketinget), etc.
  • websites representing typical and much used websites
  • websites representing experimental, special or characteristic websites

The selection of websites and events is carried out by an editorial committee with members representing the two depository libraries (The Royal Library and the State and University Library), the scholarly community and the commercial sector. The Danish Ministry of Culture will make further regulations concerning this committee before the end of 2005

A special website (IN DANISH) offers details on how to deposit and other obligations imposed by the law


A brief history of legal deposit in Denmark here