International Standard Serial Number

The Department of Legal Deposit includes ISSN Denmark, the Danish centre for assigning ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), part of ISSN Network, a co-operative venture under UNESCO.

ISSN Denmark's functions are:

  • assigning ISSN to all important serials published in Denmark
  • registering them with bibliographic information in the international database in Paris
  • promoting the use of ISSN in Denmark and acting as the link between publishers and the ISSN Network
  • spreading information about ISSN and being responsible for contact to various users of ISSN

ISSN consists of eight digits of which the seven define a unique non-significant number, while the last digit is a check digit calculated according to modulus 11. An ISSN is always stated in two groups of four digits each separated by a hyphen and preceded by the designation ISSN, e.g.


ISSN 0105-0001

The ISSN is printed in the publication and can also be reproduced in a form suitable for Optical Character Recognition. Thus in many countries ISSN is included in bar codes, and ISSN Network has agreements with the international article code organization EAN, European Article Number, regarding this.

ISSN Denmark enters the bibliographic records in REX, and the ISSN is also included in the national bibliographic records in Dansk Periodicafortegnelse (Danish National Bibliography. Serials) for which the library is also responsible. Furthermore, the records are entered in an international database and published in the ISSN Register, issued by the ISSN International Centre on cd-rom, tape and online. The ISSN Register, which comprises more than 1 mill. entries and grows by about 45,000 entries per year, is entered in DANBIB, the database of the Danish Research Libraries.

Applying for ISSN
Publishers or editors wanting an ISSN for a serial publication must send an issue of the publication or a photocopy of the cover and title page to their local ISSN centre. Publishers planning a new publication or who want to change the title of a current serial, are encouraged to send, prior to publication, proof of title page or similar documentation displaying the exact title, in order that the ISSN may be printed in the first issue of the publication.
You may also apply for ISSN by filling out the application form on this site (in Danish): Applying for ISSN/Ansøgning om ISSN.
You will then receive notice of the ISSN and information regarding the use of ISSN. As soon as the first issue of the publication has been published you are requested to send it to ISSN Denmark for the purpose of registration.

Who should apply where?
Publishers domiciled in Denmark may apply for an ISSN at the Danish ISSN centre, ISSN Denmark, see above under Applying for ISSN. Publishers who are domiciled outside Denmark may look at the web site of the ISSN International Centre to find out if your country has a local ISSN centre.

Last update: 01 oktober, 2003