The Danish National Bibliography

The Danish National Bibliography has a long and well established history, beginning with the publication in 1851 of a list of books and periodicals published in Denmark. During the second half of the 19th century this list was supplemented with retrospective bibliographies, covering works published in the Kingdom of Denmark between 1482 and 1850.

During the 20th century the original list of books and periodicals was divided into two separate lists and the coverage of the bibliography was expanded to cover articles and reviews in periodicals, government publications, maps, music, sound recordings, videos and other audiovisual materials whether in analogue or digital form. Also books and articles published abroad and dealing with Denmark and Danes, as well as translations of Danish authors were registered.

In order to exploit fully the content of the Danish National Bibliography it is necessary to know the geographic boundaries of the Kingdom of Denmark from 1482 to the present. This means that books published in Norway until 1814, Scania (in present-day Sweden) until 1658, Iceland until 1944 and Schleswig-Holstein (in present-day Germany) until 1864 are included. Publications from Greenland are still included in the Danish National Bibliography while the Faroe Island maintains a separate national bibliography.

Originally the Danish National Bibliography was published in printed form. This was supplemented with digital forms in the 1980s and during the 1990s succeeded by online records in databases. In 2004 the last printed parts of the Danish National Bibliography (books and maps) appeared. Now the entire National Bibliography is found online as records in the Royal Library's OPAC REX and in the Danish union catalogue "".

The current Danish National Bibliography is produced partly by the Royal Library (periodicals, maps, music), partly by the Danish Bibliographic Centre (books, articles, visual, music and sound recordings).

More details (in Danish) on the Danish National Bibliography and a historical essay here.

Last updated: 2007-04-02