eBooks-on-Demand by email

Books from the Royal Library's online catalogue REX are now available as eBooks. To begin with, this project covers books published between 1500 and 1900.

Bøger i Rex, der kan bestilles som eBøger, er markeret med følgende EOD-ikon

Order a book
The books which can be ordered as eBooks are marked with this EOD-icon in our online catalogue REX. The icon indicates that this book can be ordered as a digital copy.

Click and order
If a user clicks on the EOD-ikon and orders a digital copy of a book, the library digitizes the book and sends it as a file directly to the user by email.  The file can be used without limits by the user. 

Payment is only required the first time a book is ordered. The price for a digital copy depends on the number of pages in the book. There is a base fee of DKK 50.- per book as well as DKK 2.- per page. A book of 150 pages will thus cost DKK 350.-, whereas a book of 300 pages will cost DKK 650.- However, only the first user has to pay for the book. Others who order the book as a digital copy will receive it free of charge.