Reading equipment for the visually impaired

In collaboration with the firm TAGARNO from Horsens, the Royal Library provides equipment for the visually disabled. This equipment makes it possible to read books, newspapers, watch photographs etc. either with magnified text or by using speech synthesizers. These PC’s are reserved for the visually impaired. The staff will assist you in using the equipment.

The following equipment is available:

  • Electronic video magnifier and PC combined
    Available on Amager, Gothersgade and on Slotsholmen (Reading Room east)
    Vega combines the electronic video magnifier and the PC, so that you can switch images easily between what you are looking at under the camera and what you are working with on the computer. You can even split the screen, making it possible to view both images at the same time. We have also installed ZoomText on the PC, making it possible to magnify whatever you are working on up to 16 times. In addition, you can choose to have the text read out loud with the ZoomText speech synthesizer.
  • Portable video magnifier
    Available on Slotsholmen Reading Room east and Reading Room west
    The portable video magnifier is designed to assist in reading printed text and watch either B/W or coloured photographs. It magnifies up to 26 times with adjustable brightness. In order to avoid reflections, the screen can be tilted. It has a built-in guiding roller to help keep the direction when reading books and documents. It comes along with a writing stand, which makes it possible to write below the device.
  • Reading system
    Available on Slotsholmen Reading Room east
    Audiocharta is a scanner with a reading system, which enables you to digitise almost any printed material and have it read aloud through loudspeakers. Handwritten material, however, cannot be scanned and digitised. By means of a scanner unit, the text chosen is automatically converted into a digital text format. This makes it possible to have the texts read out loud by a human voice. Up to now, speech synthesizers are available in Danish, English, and German