Zven Balslev

Satellite Exhibition

4 November 2016 - 19 November 2016 Oktogonen
By: Zven Balslev
By: Zven Balslev

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In connection to the exhibition OPSLAG NEDSLAG - Danish Artists' Books a satellite exhibition by artist Zven Balslev is shown in the Oktogon showcase in front of the old reading room.

Zven Balslev (1977) lives and works in Copenhagen. Balslev graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Unlike many artists working with artists’ books, he is not exclusively preoccupied with the ‘art’ aspect, but incorporates a wider range of cultural modes of expression, with a particular fondness for underground culture. Thus, Baslev not only works with regular artists’ books, but also with related phenomena such as fanzines, posters and underground comics.

Drawings and graphic art, often with surreal leanings, have taken centre stage, and some of his publications have been limited-edition serigraphic print runs. Along with Daniel Milan he created the publishing house ‘Smittekilde’ (Source of Infection) (1998 – 2010) and since 2010 he has operated the one-man publishing house ‘Cult Pump’, which also engages in collaborations. These include the comic ‘Radbrækket’ (Aching), published in collaboration with Tue Sprogø & Benni Bødker under the title Cult Pump Comix. Both publishing houses have released several vinyl records (industrial, noise, punk and metal) and published concert posters.

Balslev has a wide-ranging international network, e.g. in Japan and France. One of Balslev’s zines is named ‘Caput mortuum’, a concept from medieval alchemy that denotes the useless scrap from chemical processes. Balslev’s use of the term seems related to Tal R’s  Jewish concept of ‘kolbojnik’ (leftovers from a meal): - they certainly both suggest parallel interests in the distorted, obscure and perverse.