Free exhibition in The Black Diamond

20 June 2016 - 13 August 2016 The Cartoonists' Corridor

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Once again the Cartoonists' Corridor is placing its walls at the disposal of one of the world's largest international satirical competitions: the 4th Niels Bugge Cartoon Award

The competition will start on 28 May in Viborg. Subsequently, the Cartoonists' Museum will present a reduced number of the submitted cartoons, including the three winning cartoons.

More than 500 cartoonists are taking part, with over 1000 submissions on the theme Utopia.

The three prize-winners are on view, along with a fine selection of the many short-listed cartoons.

Four years ago, two davil-may-care utopians took the initiative for the Niels Bugge Cartoon Award.

Down by the shores of Hald Sø lake, in one of the loveliest countryside anywhere in the kingdom of Denmark, innkeeper Poul Nielsen and the German cartoonist Zoran Petrovic came up with the crazy and impossible idea that the time was ripe for a major, international Cartoon Award created on Danish soil.

Denmark and the satirical cartoon – in all modesty – became front-page news on the map of the art of satire – so nothing could be more appropriate than to follow up this initiative with a global invitation to all kinds of cartoonists to meet at this award and cross pen and ink with wit and bite.

The overall title for the Niels Bugge Cartoon Award could have been: 'Don't let it be the function of satire and art to walk through open doors, but to join in breaking down locked doors!'

For the fourth time, the jury this year has once more received over 1000 cartoons from all sorts of cartoonists – this time on the widely ranging theme of Utopia – and once more it has been made abundantly clear that all sorts of cartoonists through the paper speak a common, non-verbal language in a visual art that is bursting with ideas.

A kind of cartoon-Esperanto!

Cartoonists from over 75 countries have wanted this!

Can this airy concept of Utopia be expressed in cartoons at all? Can cartoonists concretise a dream, a hope of a state of happiness in the future? Judge for yourself – explore this unfolding universe that criss-crosses all existing national borders and cultures.
A journey into the minds and souls of other peoples that is in every way quite fascinating.

Through the diverse, motley, trenchant, uplifting, imaginative thoughts and pen-strokes of hundreds of cartoonists!

Let us hope that our limited presentation of the submitted cartoons – on display here in the Cartoonists' Corridor – will offer you a pleasure trip and a source of enjoyment as you experience the fabulous visions of the many cartoonists in their highly personal interpretations and modes of expression!

Niels Bugge's Hotel outside Viborg will be presenting a much larger selection of the cartoons for the rest of this year!

Anne Derenne Adene from Spain won this year's competition, followed by the Italian Marco D'Agostino in second place and the Belgian Luc Vernimmen in third place.