Claus Seidel: 50 years of illustrations

26 August 2016 - 19 November 2016 Kirkebybroen and Bladtegnergangen
Stein Bagger by Claus Seidel
Stein Bagger by Claus Seidel



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For half a century, Claus Seidel has been one of Denmark's most visible illustrators. The retrospective exhibition features examples of the many genres on which he has left his mark over the years.

Claus Seidel made his debut when he covered the premiere of the theatre performance Bal i den borgerlige back in 1966, since when he has been active within all theatrical genres. Apart from drama, this include ballet and opera, as well as jazz and rock music – and satire, reporting, portraits, erotic art and illustrations of entire books.

Since it is forbidden to photograph or film in Danish courtrooms, Claus Seidel's illustrations from city courts, high courts and the supreme court in connection with spectacular cases such as the Tamil Case, the PFA Case and the Farum Case have been seen by millions via news broadcasts on Danish TV – without the illustrator himself having become well known.

In the same way, Claus Seidel has for a number of years been seen by tends of thousands of people as a cartoonist in the publication Svikmøllen, a popular Christmas present, where he comments wryly on political and everyday life in Denmark.

Claus Seidel has also made his mark as an organiser. From 1978, on the executive committee of The Association of Danish Illustrators, and for twenty years until 2013 as its chairman. In 1995 he took the initiative of establishing the Illustrators' Museum, which was officially opened at The Royal Library in 2000 by Queen Margrethe II.

It is The Royal Library that is celebrating Claus Seidel with the retrospective exhibition, which displays his skills and also brings together drawings for the past half century to form a historical pageant of our times. The exhibition has been curated by Hannibal Munk and Jan Søttrup.