Treasures in The Royal Library

9 May 2012 - 28 November 2015 Montanasalen

The Royal Library in Copenhagen has brought its most precious treasures out of the vaults and placed them in the hands of Russian artist Andrey Bartenev. The result is the new permanent exhibition Treasures in The Royal Library, where Gutenberg’s bible, the notes of philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, the diaries of fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen and a wide range of other invaluable cultural treasures are immersed in pop art jungle.

Treasures in The Royal Library is the Danish National Library’s first permanent exhibition in recent times. It provides an opportunity for an exclusive insight into the Royal Library as the treasury of the entire country from the 600s until our present time – in other words highlights in Denmark’s cultural heritage throughout 1400 years. The exhibition shows a selection of the most exquisite, largest and most valuable manuscripts, books, letters and other works of both Danish and foreign origin from the library’s collections.

The exhibition will undergo some changes from time to time as some of the exhibited treasures will be exchanged so that others can be brought forward. The Royal Library’s collections are literally inexhaustible, and the public will therefore at regular intervals be introduced to new surprises and highlights.

The exhibition is composed especially with the Montana Hall in mind and staged in a most unusual frame by Russian avant-garde artist Andrey Bartenev. With his collage universe he forges links between the very oldest writings, books and manuscripts and the roaring modern information culture in which we find ourselves today.

Mon-Sat 10-19
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 The Gutenberg Bible

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Opening hours: mon-sat 10-19

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