Nuevas Historias

Contemporary Spanish photography and video art

8 October 2010 - 22 January 2011 Det Nationale Fotomuseum

This autumn The National Museum of Photography proudly presents an exhibition with a barrage of artistic expressions

Nuevas Historias features more than 20 Spanish photo- and video artists, and gives the viewer a broad insight into the exuberant and yet versatile art scene of a country mostly known for their late grand artists; Picasso, Dali and Miro.

With a few exceptions it is the first time theses artists are presented in Denmark, even though several of them are very well established in their home country and internationally.

The works span from the entertaining and quirky to the profound and serious and thus reflect the enormous cultural, political and social spectrum characteristic of the patchwork of modern Spain.The exhibition is not only an art exhibition, it is also an account of a cultural history in the aftermath of the Franco dictatorship.

The exhibition is produced in cooperation with Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Nuevas Historias is curated by Estelle of Malmborg, Timothy Persons and Jens Erdman Rasmussen and has been made possible with the generous support from SEACEX, Beckett-Fonden, Santander Consumer Bank and Iberia.


El Manuel, 2007 - Pierre Gonnord

Anarchitekton Brasilia, 2003 - Jordi Colomer
Anarchitekton Brasilia, 2003 - Jordi Colomer

Heliopolis I, 2006 - Dionisio Gonzalez
Heliopolis I, 2006 - Dionisio Gonzalez

PROA, 2003-08 - Rosell Meseguer
PROA, 2003-08 - Rosell Meseguer

Fra videoen Horizon of Exile, 2007 - Isabel Rocamora
Fra videoen Horizon of Exile, 2007 - Isabel Rocamora 

Maria, 2006 - Pierre Gonnord
Maria, 2006 - Pierre Gonnord

 Fra serien: I want to be a young British girl, 2007-08 - Carmela García
Fra serien: I want to be a young British girl, 2007-08 - Carmela García

Participating artists:
Ignassi Aballí
Eugenio Ampudia
José Manuel Ballester
Jordi Bernardó
Isidro Blasco
Bleda y Rosa
Cabello / Carceller
Daniel Canogar
Naia del Castillo
Jordi Colomer
Juan Fontcuberta
Carmela García
Germán Gómez
Pierre Gonnord
Dionisio González
Cristina Lucas
Anna Malagrida
Ángel Marcos
Alicia Martín
Rosell Meseguer
Aitor Ortiz
Isabel Rocamora
Mireia C. Saladrigues
Valentin Vallhonrat