Mirror Mirror

10 August 2012 - 20 October 2012 Entrance Gallery


The fifth of August 2012 is the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. The anniversary is commemorated in the exhibition Mirror Mirror at the Entrance Gallery.

In photography, video and clothing created by artist Eva Tind, artist Sidse Carstens and dress designer Kristina Søndergaard the exhibition manifests a visual liberation of Marilyn Monroe.

Eva Tind examines how bodily and visual self presentation is created. She works with gesture and isolates and mirrors the arms of Marilyn Monroe in search of the special energy and language of the body. The series of Marilyn’s arms is titled MM-Gesture.
In collaboration with Eva Tind dress designer Kristina Søndergaard transforms the mirroring to 3D. They have made a selection of images from MM-Gesture and transfer the energy of the images to a series of limited edition clothing.

Sidse Carstens works with a visual and spiritual liberation of Marilyn Monroe through video and images. Together with performance artist Ramona Macho and a spiritual medium, she seeks to change our collective understanding of Marilyn Monroe through rituals and manifestations.

About the artists
Sidse Carstens
is educated from The National Film School of Denmark and works as film director and visual artist. She has had exhibitions both in Denmark and internationally, among others at ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Main themes in Sidse Carstens’ works are displacement and transformation. Through film, video and images she examines the transition between fiction and reality –between an inner and outer world.

Kristina Søndergaard graduated as dress designer from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design in 1998. In the following years she experimented with clothing design in the design duo Daugthers of Style. They exhibited in both national and international exhibition spaces. Daughters of Style are represented in the permanent exhibition in Design Museum Denmark with several designs. The past few years Kristina Søndergaard has worked for Danish fashion companys like Wood Wood, Mads Nørgaard and Bruuns Bazar.

Eva Tind is an artist and writer. Her work revolves on the subject of identity. She often works in the cross field of text, image and space. She had her debut as a writer with the book do in 2009, an examination of Korean and Danish culture in text and images. Her work so is at the moment exhibited at The National Gallery of Denmark. In 2010 she had an exhibition in the Entrance Gallery in relation to her hybrid book eva+adolf . Her third novel Rosenvej is published on Gyldendal in September 2012.