The Year’s Best Bookwork 2016

Free exhibition in The Black Diamond

16 June 2016 - 15 August 2015 Kirkebybroen
Udstillingskataloget er gratis
Udstillingskataloget er gratis

Open Mon-Sat 

Free admittance

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The exhibition The Year's Best Bookwork 2016 displays what is most excellent and innovative on offer within contemporary Danish book design

After having been predicted as being consigned to oblivion, the physical book has made a strong comeback. Market analyses indicate that there is a steadily increasing number of people who want books that have something special about them. The challenge of the ebook has created an avalanche of expressive, attractive and experimental book design. 

At the exhibition The Year's Best Bookwork 2016, the Association of Book Production is presenting the most successful examples of Danish book design right now: 34 exciting, innovative and experimental books and bindings from the past year.

The fact that both large-scale and small-scale book producers are going in for works that show just what a physical book is capable of is certainly due to expected demand – but without fervent commitment this cannot be achieved. Fantastic books do not appear out of nothing: they have to be fired into existence. Books and passion are symbiotic partners. A book can be seen, felt, smelt and experienced in a host of ways. This applies both while the book is being produced and when used, read and collected. At all stages of this entire cycle there are passionately dedicated people who trigger our senses.

A burning passion for books

The Year's Best Bookwork 2016 is supplemented by the co-exhibition Book & Passion on the occasion of the Association for Book Production launching its latest number of the yearbook Book-Lover, which consists of ten accounts of individuals past and present with a burning passion for books.