Barbara Probst

Friday 4 October 2013 at 10:01 Det Nationale Fotomuseum

 Last day is Saturday January 11 where the exhibition closes at 3 pm

German photographer Barbara Probst challenges photography’s status as a truthful representation of reality. Her work deals with the essence of photography as a media.

Barbara Probst lives and works in New York City and Munich. Since the 1990’s photography has been her primary form of expression.

Throughout her career Probst has focused on exploring the photographic medium and has sought to challenge the traditional photographic expression presenting only one perspective and one representation of reality.

In a description of Barbara Probst’s photography, the German artist Stefan Schessl points out that the belief in the absolute and authentic truthfulness of photography has been abandoned years ago – and there’s no going back. With her images Barbara Probst attempts to face the consequences of this insight. She dissolves the moment with her multiple lenses.

In her photographic method Probst uses up to twelve cameras for one single shoot. The cameras are arranged around the subject in different angles. They are connected to a remote control, which enables Probst to take many pictures at exactly the same time.

This creates a series of photos of the subject, but at the same time there is never one general theme that unites them. The only thing they have in common is that moment when Probst presses a button and lets her many cameras shoot one single time.

The images in the series indicate that a particular moment does not only exist in time, but also has a spatial dimension. They not only challenge the position of photography as truthful representation, they also raise questions about our perception of the world around us.

Barbara Probst has had solo exhibitions in New York, Edinburgh, Washington, Toronto, Berlin and Munich.

The exhibition in the National Museum of Photography presents pieces created between 2005 and 2012 from the series Exposures, and will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in Denmark.

Read art historian Rune Gade's opening speech here 



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