Abramović Method for Treasures

Past exhibition in The Black Diamond

21 June 2017 - 31 October 2020 Montanasalen


The Royal Library presents an all-new work by the world-famous Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramović. Her new work, Abramović Method for Treasure, was created especially for the exhibition of selected treasures from the library in The Black Diamond. Hand over your phone, take of your shoes and devote yourself to a sensuous experience of the stories of the books.

Marina Abramović is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest and most barrier-breaking performance artists of our age. In her works she directly involves herself and the audience in everything from intense performances to actions that emphasise a deep, profound sense of presence in the here and now.

billedetekst som læses af skærmlæser

The pivotal point of the work shown at The Royal Library is the encounter between audiences and the library's treasures. For more than fifty years now Abramović has worked with her so-called Abramović Method, which uses performative approaches and rituals to heighten the participants' sense of mental and physical presence in the here and now, thereby supporting a sensuous, personal and almost meditative participation in art and life.

For this event Marina Abramovic has developed an entirely new version of her Abramović Method. Taking her starting point in sources such as the letters of Kierkegaard, Saxo's chronicles of Danish history, and the observations of Tycho Brahe, Abramović has created an immersive total installation that includes a range of rituals, an audio system and specially designed shelves for people.

By inviting visitors to become actors and participants in the performative installation, Abramović Method for Treasure inscribes itself seamlessly in Abramović's recent works. The audience increasingly become the performers, and the main emphasis is placed on each visitor's experience and sense of presence. In other words, Abramović sets the scene, but others must bring it to life by taking part in the various rituals. With Abramović Method for Treasure at The Black Diamond, Abramovic orchestrates a new, sensuous way of engaging with the treasures of the Royal Library and Denmark's cultural heritage.

Standard 60,- Students 30,- Free for Cph Card, youths u. 18 and the Diamond Club

Please note: The exhibition kan only be experienced by a limited number of visitors at a time. All visitors must pre-book specific time slots (80 minutes) when buying their tickets Please read the instructions about meeting time and practical information you recieve when purchasing your ticket carefully.


Abramović studied fine art at the art academy in Beograd and has worked with performance as her artistic practice since the 1970s. Abramović is known for extreme, boundary-breaking works that focus on the encounter between audience and art. Often pushing back personal and public limits, she incorporates her own body and her audience in her art, for example in the works Rhythm 10, The Lovers, Balkan Baroque and The Artist Is Present – in 2010 the latter attracted more than 850,000 visitors to MoMA in New York.