The Royal Library meeting and conference facilities

The Black Diamond offers modern meeting and conference facilities at Slotsholmen located near the Copenhagen Canal. As a meeting and conference guest you will arrive at an unconventional conference venue - a modern version of a library in breathtaking surroundings with room for immersion and pleasure. Perhaps you are in need of a space for a job interview, reception, lecture, koncert, workshop or something else again?

The area Slotsholmen is characterized by a number of prominent and important buildings. Among these are Christiansborg, where The Danish Parliament is located, and the old Exhange Building, Børsen. The Black Diamond, which is the beautiful addition to the Royal Danish Library opened in 1999, has become a natural part of these iconic landmarks in the historic part of Copenhagen. The exterior of the building mirrors the surroundings and stands out in the cityscape as a shrine - a treasure chest containing the Danish cultural heritage.

Buildings of magic and stories 
The library buildings contain long hallways, hushed reading rooms and old archives, which hold knowledge, learnings and stories from the last decades. 

Our meeting rooms are named after cultural personalities of Denmark: Karen Blixen, Ludvig Holberg, Thit Jensen, Saxo Grammaticus, Klaus Rifbjerg, and our conference hall is named after the regent of Denmark: The Queen's Hall


Interesting exhibitions 
In addition to being a workplace for many young students, The Black Diamond is a cultural center with a rich selection of cultural events - MUSIC, WORDS and EXHIBITIONS. As meeting planner you have the opportunity to inspire and motivate your participants by taking advantage of these offers.



We have a deal with our neighbours at BLOX whom have given us a voucher offering 20% off their normal parking fee, for anyone who is having a meeting at the Black Diamond. When you are booking with us alle you have to do is ask and we will assist you.  


We are still here!

The meeting and conference facilities at the Black Diamond are reopening on 8th June, although in a different smaller scale.

We now offer smaller meetings in bigger rooms and a changed table and chair setting. All of this while following the guidelines and recommendations from the Health Ministry for your and our safety, and how we are working on implementing the digital meeting forms that most of us have been engaging with in this period.

We will make sure, you have free acces to hand sanitizers at every meeting area, and you will only be in contact with one responsible person, from you are entering The Black Diamond and until you leave again, whom will assist you and make sure everything is going according to plans.

 We are still here, and we are so looking forward to meeting and greeting you again, when we can finally reopen our doors for meetings, even though it will be in different settings, the beautiful surroundings will remain the same. 


The Diamond clear guidlines

What we do

You and us – what we do together


We’re following the guidlines and keeping our distance. There for we will not meet and greet you with handshakes or hugs, these days. This goes for the small teasing ones as well, unfortunately.


Hygiejne and disinfection

Disinfect often. Wash your hands before, and after, you eat, and when you arrive at the Black Diamond. If you can, try to avoid touching too many surfaces even though these are often cleaned.


Cleaning and disinfection

There will be daily cleaning of contact points and surfaces in between meetings and on a daily basis. We will make sure that there’s regular ventilation.   



If you have even the slightest symptoms, then tuck yourself back in bed or the couch, with a cup of tea, until you feel better. Same rules apply for employees.


Forplejning og mad

Catering and serving hereof will be portione served and brought to you either in the meeting room or in our Salon. Everything is pepeared and served following the health authorities guidlines and regulations. Since we’re serving coffee in pots we kindly ask you to make use of hand sanitizer and hand washing before helping yourself ;)


Breaks and stay

We do recomend using our beautiful open outdoor faclities and our cozy café which holds outdoor seating areas. Or else we’ll find a solution which will make your stay at ours as pleasent as possible.


Meeting rooms

We recomend you bring and use your own utilities, to avoid too many surfaces.



We’re following the guidleines together with you. Therefore alle of the guidlines applies for us as well. When you meet you’ll be greeted by our floor manager Emil whom will be your contact for the day and he’ll make sure that everything is as it should be. We are all here and we’re looking forward to meeting you again!