Late-afternoon concert with Trio con Brio – Brahms’ problem child

Trio con Brio Copenhagen are the spring season house artists when The Black Diamond starts its late-afternoon concerts once more with three concerts that celebrate three major works.

Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 17:00 Dronningesalen / The Queen's Hall
Photo: Nikolaj Lund
Photo: Nikolaj Lund


Standard     95 kr.
Diamantklub     70 kr.
Students     50 kr.

Late-afternoon concert (2:3)

Go to an early concert, straight from work or before the evening’s doings, and listen this spring to one of the country’s finest chamber music ensembles, Trio con Brio. In 2019, they celebrated their 20th anniversary, and their form curve has been consistently exceptionally high throughout the two decades! 

At the early age of 20, Brahms wrote his Piano Trio no. 1 in B major. It is Brahms’ first published piece of chamber music and, as far as is known, the only one of his works that he later chose to revise. He did this about 35 years after the original publication, but, as Brahms himself humorously remarked: ‘I didn’t give it a new wig! I just combed it through and fixed it up a bit.’

Audience suggestions?
Each concert has one major work as its starting point.
The works are not the only item on the programme, and the audience can send in their suggestions by

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897): Piano Trio No.1, Op.8

The concert lasts approx. one hour, without an intermission.

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