Space Series with sound, light, music and space in the Atrium of The Black Diamond

Atrium's 12-channel speaker system is at the center when the November Ritual work is improvised by Wayne Siegel, Palle Mikkelborg, Helen Davies and Mira Siegel

Saturday 9 November 2019 at 21:00 Atrium
Light and colors in The Atrium of The Black Diamond. Photo: Jesper Egelund
Light and colors in The Atrium of The Black Diamond. Photo: Jesper Egelund


Standard 120 kr.
Diamond Club   90 kr.
Students   50 kr.



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In this concert  the interior of the Diamond will be lit up in the loveliest colors that follow the dynamics of the music and cause the space, sound, light and music to form one great synthesis. 

About November Ritual

November Ritual is a tribute to dark times. The evening begins with excerpts from Solkreds, an outdoor sound installation that Wayne Siegel has created for the momument Dodekalitten: an enormous stone circle located at Kragenæs on the island of Lolland. Solkreds can be heard daily from sunrise to sunset, creating unpredictable changing sonic settings for the monument’s huge sculptures by the Danish sculptor Thomas Kadziola. 

LeonardCohen_PhotoBarryMarsdenThe monument Dodekalitten in Lolland, Denmark, plays a role in tonight's concert. Photo: Lotte Rosenkilde

For this evening’s concert the musicians will improvise with Solkreds and gradually a new work will arise: November Ritual. The work was commissioned by the Black Diamond with financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation and is made up of a fixed composed framework with room for improvisation. Using specially developed software, Wayne Siegel controls sounds and their placement in the space by moving his hands in front of the computer’s camera. The soloists join the electronic sounds to create a tapestry of melodies and harmonies around them. 

After an intermezzo with works for harp and trumpet by Palle Mikkelborg and Helen Davies, the evening is concluded with a version of Mørk er November (Dark is November) arranged by Wayne and Mira Siegel for voice, trumpet, harp and electronics. This Danish melody dates back to the Middle Ages, while the lyrics were written by the Danish poet Thorkild Bjørnvig in 1959. 


12 channel electronic music created for the monument Dodekalitten (starts before the concert begins as background music) 

Solkreds improvisations
Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet
Helen Davies, harp
Mira Siegel, vocals 

November Ritual
Wayne Siegel, motion-tracking system
Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet
Helen Davies, harp
Mira Siegel, vocals 

Mørk er november
Mira Siegel, vocals
Wayne Siegel, computer
Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet
Helen Davies, harp 

The concert lasts approx. one hour, with no intermission 

Thank you to the Danish Arts Council for supporting this concert.

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