The Berlin Wall concert with music by The Beatles, Prince, etc.

Western rock and East German pop hits from the West Berlin radio RIAS prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall are being revived by Emil de Waal, Xenia Lach-Nielsen, Michael Møller and Torben Steno

Friday 13 September 2019 at 20:00 Dronningesalen / The Queen's Hall
Morten Ramsbøl. Photo: Jonas André


Standard 190 kr.
Diamond Club 140 kr.
Students  90 kr.

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Torben Steno is host, and with the Emil de Waal house orchestra as well as the singer and singers Xenia Lach-Nielsen og Michael Møller the time is revived when The Wall – the anti-fascist bulwark, as it was called in DDR – ran through Berlin.

Every week, Western music was transmitted from radio RIAS in West Berlin in the programme Schlager der Woche. In the broadcast there was guidance on offer, so that ‘die Ossies’ could record the music on their cassette-players – Bowie, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Prince and German pop songs. DDR music will also be played at the concert, so that the public are included – on both sides of the Wall. 

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