Daniel Hope celebrates the masters of Romanticism with romances etc.

The Danish pianist and composer explores Jarrett’s universe of melody, basing himself on the maestro’s solo improvisations and the world-famous Cologne concert

Tuesday 10 September 2019 at 20:00 Dronningesalen / The Queen's Hall
Carsten Dahl


Standard 250 kr.
Diamond Club 190 kr.
Students 110 kr.



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Ever since the British violinist Daniel Hope and the German pianist Sebastian Knauer visited The Black Diamond in November 2015 in a concert with the clarinettist Sabine Meyer, there has been a wish to bring about a return visit. This is now going to be realised, as a duo on this occasion, and they are returning the compliment with a performance of romances and sonatas by great Romantic masters.

The programme is a tribute to the truly great violinist of the Romantic period, Joseph Joachim.

All the composers featured in the evening concert have at some point in their lives been in contact with him – some have even written music dedicated to him. Joachim was Felix Mendelssohn’s protégé, and Joachim had his debut with Mendelssohn as conductor in London in 1844. At the concert, the audience can hear Hope and Knauer’s arrangement of two Mendelssohn lieder for violin and piano.

The concert lasts approx. 2 hours, including an intermission

Johannes BrahmsScherzo i c-mol
Clara SchumannRomanza op. 22 nr. 1
Johannes BrahmsSonate for violin og klaver i g-dur op. 78 nr. 1
Felix Mendelssohn: To sange arrangeret af Hope og Knauer, Auf Flügeln des gesanges og Hexenlied
Joseph JoachimRomanza op. 2 nr. 1
Edward GriegSonate for violin og klaver i c-mol op. 45 nr. 3

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