Take a virtual tour of The Black Diamond

The Royal Library's modern waterfront extension built in 1999

On this page you can visit a nubmer of central location in The Black Diamond and the old Holm building. Click and drag on the windows to turn the camera or go exploring in the buildings.

The Atrium - floor A

The ondulating, silky concrete walls of the Atrium were calculated using more than 10.000 reference points.

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The Queen's Hall - floor A

The Queen's Hall holds 408-600 seats depending on the stage area. Width 20 m, length 30 m, height 10 m in all 5,600 m3.


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The Kirkeby Bridge - floor C

The walkway on the third floor connects the Diamond with Preben Hansen's building from 1968 and H.J. Holm's library building from 1906. The 210 m² ceiling mural is oil painting on wood by the renowned Danish artist Per Kirkeby

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Reading Room East - floor C

The reading room primarily serves as University Library reading room with its 153 study seats. It also makes a large number of newspapers on microfilm available to its users. Please note: Only access for users of the reading room.

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Reading Room North - floor C

The reading room contains the original furnishing. The green glass lamps with light bulbs (they have always been electric – electricity was introduced in Copenhagen in 1883) on an art nouveau base are characteristic of the Royal Library. Please note: Only access for users of the reading room.

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