SchW A1:005 XML

Johann Adolph Scheibe

Concerto ex A a 5. Flauto traverso, violino 1mo, violino 2do, viola et basso

SchW A1:005

The present flute concerto in A major as well as SchW A1:006 and A1:007 are part of the Aalholm Samling which belonged to Otto Ludvig Raben (1729–1791). Originally the collection seems to have included around 30 flute concertos. Otto Ludvig was an able amateur flute player who studied both in Paris with Michel Blavet and in Copenhagen with Palschau (presumably Peter Jakob) and ‘Sønnichsen’, among others. He also participated actively in The Musical Society. The father Frederik Raben (1693–1773), seems to have been one of Scheibe’s closest protectors and an important patron of the arts, arranging an overwhelming number of concerts both at his country estate and at his town mansion in Stormgade, especially during the winter season. As the sources’ physical evidence indicates, at least part of the orchestral material to these flute concertos was produced in Denmark: the paper is Danish (with the royal monogram of Christian VI who died in 1746), and the bass part of SchW A1:007 (concerto in G major) was transcribed by the composer himself. Thus, it is possible that the works were specifically composed for Otto Ludvig though the concertos might also be among those which Scheibe mentions in his early autobiography (Mattheson's Grundlage,1740; SchW C5:001).

Key: A major

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