HartW 98 XML

J.P.E. Hartmann

Sonate for klaver i F-dur

Piano Sonata in F Major

Sonate für Klavier in F-Dur

HartW 98
JPEW III/1 no. 3
DF 49

Composition: 1853-1854.

The sonata was not published in Hartmann's life time but parts of it were used in later works such as the G Minor piano sonata (HartW 94) and "Klaverstykker fra ældre og nyere Tid" (Piano Pieces from an Earlier and a more Recent Time) (HartW 120). It was not published until 1944 in a disputed edition by Hartmann's great grandson, the composer Niels Viggo Bentzon.

Instrumentation: pf.pianoforte (piano)

Key: F major

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