HartW 119 XML

J.P.E. Hartmann

Sonate for klaver i a-mol

Piano Sonata in A Minor

Sonate für Klavier in a-moll

Opus 80
HartW 119
JPEW III/1 no. 5
DF 47

Dedicatee: Kammerherre Lehnsgreve C.A. Lerche Lerchenborg

Composition: 1876-1883.

Hartmann started working on this piano sonata sometime during the 1870s and end-dated the first two movements on 11 October 1876, nine years before the final version was published. During the following years it underwent a lot of changes, so that the two versions virtually assume the character of being two different works, (See JPEW III/1).

1876 version

Instrumentation: pf.pianoforte (piano)

Key: G minor

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1885 version

Instrumentation: pf.pianoforte (piano)

Key: A minor

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